[UPDATE below.]

==> If you’re in the Jersey area, Murray Sabrin is hosting a symposium on the income tax on April 17. Detailshere.

==> Gene Callahan on the meaning of faith.

==> Rob Bradley (founder of the Institute of Energy Research) has another article at EconLib on Enron.

==> Wendy McElroy thinks it trivializes the term to say the US has a “rape culture.”

==> The CIA openly admits it is funding research into geo-engineering. Some of you need to email them and say, “No you’re not. That’s an absurd conspiracy theory.”

==> Here’s a sentence I never expected to type: Adam Kokesh and Josie the Outlaw talk about the benefits of a compassionate approach to bringing the liberty message to police officers.

==> I’m gonna throw you guys a curveball: I really liked two recent posts by Daniel Kuehn. In this one he argues that Bryan Caplan is walking down a dangerous path when he (Bryan) laments that the government didn’t follow Simon Kuznets’ recommendation to take military expenditures out of GNP calculations. In this one, Daniel points out that a female pay gap isn’t a myth; rather, one might deconstruct the reasons for it. If that seems like a goofy distinction to you, look at his reductio ad absurdum: “The black unemployment rate is a myth because if you control for unequal education, terrible treatment by the justice system, and differences in a family structure a whole lot of it seems to go away! Also must not be caused by discrimination.”

UPDATE: Daniel Kuehn has a new post discussing Steve Horwitz’s piece on the male/female pay gap. (Also Daniel says he can’t leave comments here for some reason; he’s not “staying above the fray,” even though that might be wise.)